Sunday, November 28, 2010

long time no blog.

So, I guess this is what happens when you have kids.
Life begins to pass you by all too quickly, and little things that you took time to do before, aka: blogging, go by the wayside because you're now doing more important things like, sticking your tongue out at your son and having him do it back to you for the first time ever.
and, you know, neither one of us would change that for the world. however, world: we apologize.
I know there are friends and family who've asked us lately about updating this, so, I'm going to try to sum up 3 months in a post that doesn't take you a year to read.

Here are some milestones we've experienced since being MIA:

August-(3rd month):
1st cold & 1st stomach bug (horrible). Started holding his head up good. 1st time on a skateboard with Daddy. more developed coo'ing and 'howling' with Daddy in the mornings.

in the process of losing his hair, while cheering on the Gators (of course)

loving daddy.

natural born skater.

September (4th month):
1st tooth!..lost all of his baby jet black hair, but somehow the mohawk stayed. Rolled over front to back and back to front. 1st giggle/laugh (adorable). 2nd tooth!...1st boatride on Gdaddy's boat. Found my feet (and eats them frequently). 1st solid food. No more swing.

tooth #1 & tooth #2 on its way out!

giggling it up.

showing off his new move.

only the mohawk is left.

Jax LOVES grandma

his feet are his fave.

oatmeal. yum.

1st boatride.

roll-y pole-y.

October (5th): 2nd stomach bug (yay daycare!). Being sick messed up sleep habits. 1st halloween-dressed up as SuperJax. 1st sleep over at Grandma's.


on our way home from Grandma's, Mommy was telling Jax how much she missed him, and he wanted to tell us all about his fun time he had.

November (6th month): 3rd tooth!-(another lower left). 1st ear infection + 103 fever (yikes!) = 1st antibiotics (dislike). Stopped night feeds & started sleep training, only waking up 2-3 times for paci now. Tripod sitter...which has progressed to sitting up on his own! Using highchair regularly + jumperoo & walker too. Love Baby Einstein video. 1st juice-1 oz pear juice. 1st Thanksgiving! (ate sweet potatoes in honor of it).

Mommy & Daddy (previously known as 'Brandon and Lauren') (ha), just celebrated our 4th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Yay us!

celebrating 4 years of happiness at dinner.

Thanksgiving 2010.

table setup-hosting my 1st thanksgiving!

Jax at the doctor, having fun nonetheless.

fam photoshoot at the doctor, waiting to be seen.

Jax wanted to try to take a pic with the iphone-not so successful.

our little fam at church today.

Jax & Daddy's new trick. his balance is getting so good!