Friday, November 25, 2011

a kingdom of memories.

so, thanks to aunt Mingo, we were able to take Jax to his 1st ever theme park this past week: animal kingdom. initially, he was not so sure about ALL of those people in one place..but soon warmed up to the fun & excitement. we took a train ride to some Rafiki island place, that had a petting zoo and animals to look at and such...on the way there, he was a bit hesitant still (after all, he IS his father's son). cue hesitant face picture.....

on the way back, he was loving it, so we moved onto the safari ride, & he had a blast spotting all of the animals + bouncing around on the bumpy trek.

 our last stop was Dino-land. aka: mega jungle gym for kiddos. we spent awhile running through caves, up cargo nets, bridges, and down slides. This was the FIRST time Jax went down a BIG slide on his own...he did amazing. I (thankfully) captured a shot of his sheer joy as he went down on his own. it makes us smile every time we glance at it. hopefully it'll do the same for you.

we caught a disney photographer on the way out, exhausted and all, and had her snap a quick shot with our camera of us to capture the fun. 
can't imagine what it'll be like this time next year, when Jax is a big brother.

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